How It All Started

Being a teenager with no responsibilities and just playing sports can be a joy. You go to school, study, play sports, and have fun. In highschool you're young & full of energy with dreams to chase.

As an adult you have to pay rent and in most cases take care of kids. Times can be hard when life be lifeing and its hard to make ends meet. At this time in my life I was struggling financially and was exhausted from my 9 to 5 job. I never had time for myself or any extra money to take a simple vacation. Something had to change.

After a hard day of work, I was really tired but bored. So I decided to watch a movie while I ate my dinner. There was a sports movie that I hadn't seen at the time so I decided to watch it. It inspired me to find a superstar athlete and start a sports clothing brand (lol). But in watching the movie I respected the fact that this particular athlete completely changed the game on how shoe brand deals where done for ever. I said to myself "you got to like do you". And there it was the name of my clothing brand.

Then and there I decided to make a sports clothing brand called LYKE GEAR with the slogan "DO YOU". But who was going to make the clothes? I sat down at the computer after watching the movie and started going to work. I decided to make some jerseys which actually came out pretty good. I made 6 unique basketball jerseys with in 4 hrs. I showed the jerseys to a graphic designer I knew and they where in shock. They said the jerseys had a unique style that they hadn't seen before. I then wanted to see how good I was at designing sports clothes or was it just a fluke.

I gave myself a week to come up with 50 designs to test the boundaries. Well I was unable to make 50 but I did make 25 very unique designs. I was impressed by my work and so was my designer friend. For I had no idea I had this hidden talent. I am so grateful that my talent for designing clothes was unlocked by watching a movie.

I began to show friends and others the t-shirt designs I had created and they loved it. I began to think that this was something that could actually work. Therefore on June 6, 2023 the Trademark was created and LYKE GEAR was born.